Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself.—Alexander Graham Bell

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Neil Bromley

Heraldic Artist, Calligrapher, and Illuminator

Neil Bromley is the artist responsible for our compass rose logo designs. He graduated with an H.N.D. in Calligraphy and Heraldry at the Reigate School of Art. His work includes family crests, shields, full coats of arms, freedom scrolls, and medieval miniatures. Commissions include an illuminated address to celebrate the 100th birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, a scroll for the Queen of Denmark, and a heraldic family tree of the British Royal family.

You may visit Neil at the Calligraphy and Heraldry site.

Washington, DC classroom.

Teacher helping pupils in a Washington, DC grammar school, 1944. Image courtesy the US Library of Congress.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia

Many of our proofreading, editing, and grammar tips and publishing-related articles are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. The GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL or simply GFDL) is a copyleft license for free content, designed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for the GNU project. It is the counterpart to the GNU General Public License that gives readers the same rights to copy, redistribute, and modify a work and requires all copies and derivatives to be available under the same license. Copies can also be sold commercially, but if produced in larger quantities (greater than 100) then the original document or source code must be made available to the work’s recipient.

The license was designed for manuals, textbooks, other reference and instructional materials, and documentation which often accompanies GPL software. However, it can be used for any text-based work, regardless of subject matter. The largest project using the license is Wikipedia, a general-purpose encyclopedia. Certain “Grammar Tips” and “Publishing-Related” articles on Compass Rose Horizons have been modified from the following Wikipedia source material:

Articles Base

Additional “Publishing-Related” articles, as well as several editing and proofreading articles, on Compass Rose Horizons come from These include:

  • How to Promote Your Self-Published e-Book

Article City

A few of our “Publishing-Related” articles on Compass Rose Horizons come from These include:

  • Working With a Freelance Editor

Article Rich

A few of our “Publishing-Related” and “Grammar Tips” articles on Compass Rose Horizons come from These include:

  • Greengrocer’s Apostrophe

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