There must be something in books, things we can’t imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don’t stay for nothing.—Ray Bradbury, from Fahrenheit 451

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We offer expert proofreading, editing, book design, ebook conversion, and transcription services.

Cradle Cruise by Lon Dawsone

The front cover of Cradle Cruise by Lon Dawson.

Sample Title Page

Sample Title Page.

Budget Book Design

If you are an author who plans to self-publish a novel, we can create a printer-ready book layout from your Microsoft® Word or text document. After you’ve read through our design options, be sure to also check the rates page for our current monthly specials.

Interior Design Option #1

We can create a complete interior text layout of your book, including the title page, copyright page, and table of contents, for as low as $150. We also include page numbers and running headers at the top of each page, and drop caps for the first paragraph. There is an extra charge for photos, charts, tables, bibliographies, and for layouts in excess of 250 pages. For Interior Design Option #1, we will use Microsoft Word to build your layout and supply a PDF as the final output, which is suitable for uploading to a print-on-demand (POD) publisher or for traditional printing. You will also receive the source document—the Microsoft Word file we used for the production of your book. This way, you will be able to work with any graphic designer in the future when the time comes to update your book—you will not be required to use our services only. Many graphic designers will not offer you this file. We believe that if you’ve paid for the book design service, you should get a copy of all files used to create the final document. Interior Design Option #1 is a good option for most authors.

Interior Design Option #2

For this option, we will use Adobe InDesign® to create your interior design, which produces a smoother-looking layout. InDesign is a design program that is best suited for books with many illustrations. For as low as $350, we will create a complete interior text layout of your book (up to 250 pages), including the title page, copyright page, and table of contents. We also include page numbers and running headers at the top of each page, and drop caps for the first paragraph of each chapter (if desired). The base price for this option includes up to five illustrations. There is an extra charge for additional photos, charts, tables, bibliographies, and for layouts in excess of 250 pages. You will receive a PDF suitable for print-on-demand (POD) publishing or for sending to a traditional printer. As with our Interior Design Option #1, you will receive a copy of all source files used in the creation of your book.

How the Book Design Process Works

We will work with you to select fonts and create a basic book design that will complement your subject matter. If you have an example of a published book you’d like us to emulate, you can send us a link to a sample of the interior or fax us a page from the layout. Prior to flowing the text into the document, your text file will be cleaned to remove all extra spaces, tabs, and breaks. Then it will be placed into the layout document and the designer will check each page for readability, removing any gaps, bad breaks, or other typographic errors that can ruin your book’s appearance. Regardless of which design option you choose, the final file will be sent to you as a PDF (Portable Document Format). PDFs are used to encode the exact look of a document so that it will appear the same on every machine that opens the file, unlike a Word document, which may reflow text when moved from one computer to another. (If you try to use a Word file for printing, your document may have radically different formatting or pagination on another computer, even if both computers have the same version of Word and use the same fonts). PDFs are the format most printers prefer. Our price includes one round of corrections. We will make any format corrections and up to two dozen text corrections. We offer text corrections in addition to format corrections because we have discovered that many authors like to make a few last-minute adjustments to the text prior to publication. (If you have more than two dozen text corrections, there is an additional charge.) We will send you a final PDF for approval and will create a high-resolution file for your printer or for uploading to a print-on-demand site. If you wish, we’ll even e-mail or upload the file directly to your printer.

Book Covers

Legends of Saints and Birds

Cover of Legends of Saints and Birds.

If you already have the artwork available, we can help you design your book cover. Prices start at $150.00 Please write to for more information.

We Also Create E-Books!

We can convert your print layout to an .epub or .mobi file suitable for use on Nook, Kindle, or other eReaders. We can also format a Microsoft Word document for use on Smashwords. Go to eBook Conversion & Design for more information.

Sample Layouts

Please note, these are low-resolution versions of the layouts to facilitate quick downloading. All hyperlinks in sample pages have been disabled.

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