Don’t be too harsh to these poems until they’re typed. I always think typescript lends some sort of certainty: at least, if the things are bad then, they appear to be bad with conviction.—Dylan Thomas, poet, in a letter to Vernon Watkins, 1938.

At Tag-Team Transcription, a service offered through Compass Rose Horizons, we provide affordable transcriptions of most digital formats, and we always have a separate proofreader read your document before we deliver it to you!

Transcription Services


Welcome to Tag-Team Transcription, a deluxe service offered to our authors. The service is designed for the client who only needs the occasional audio file transcribed as part of a project (for example, the graduate student with a couple of interviews to be included in a doctoral thesis or the local historian who needs an oral history project included in a manuscript.

Woman Reading Letter from Typewriter.

A woman reading a typed letter, detail from a vintage postcard.

What We Do

What do we transcribe? You name it! We can transcribe business meetings and conference calls, personal phone calls, academic lectures, radio and TV shows, seminars and focus group discussions, classroom or panel discussions, and one-on-one interviews. We can transcribe just about any digital audio format accurately and—most importantly—at a price that’s friendly to your pocketbook!

We take a two-prong approach to transcription: your audio will be transcribed by one professional transcriber and fully proofread by an editor — including spot-checking against the original audio. This ensures your document will be clear and accurate. We also proofread transcripts produced by other transcription companies. You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t hire professional proofreaders! For more information on our different levels of editing, please visit our Proofreading and Editing Services page.

Rather than charge by typed and completed page or quote an hourly rate, we bill clients a flat fee for each recorded minute of audio—that way there are no surprises when you receive your final bill. If you have a 42-minute recording, you only pay for 42 minutes.

Woman Typing, detail from a French postcard, circa 1900.

Woman Typing, detail from a French postcard, circa 1900.

Types Of Transcripts

  • Verbatim — Every “um” and “ah” is translated just as the speaker said it.
  • Near-Verbatim — Our most popular transcription format, the near-verbatim transcript is a clean transcript minus all of the verbal ticks—the “ums,” “ahs,” “likes,” and “you knows” are removed. This format is suitable for everything from oral histories to one-on-one interviews.
  • Multiple Speakers — We will identify the speakers as “male” or “female” unless otherwise requested.
  • Multiple Speakers with Name Identification — It is easy to distinguish two voices in an audio recording, but add three or more and, unless you’re a linguist, it’s definitely harder to transcribe. For clients who desire multiple speakers identified by name or number, we will require a DVD so that the transcriptionist can see the speaker.

Transcription Rates

Option 1 — $2.25 / Minute (Base Rate)
*Our base rate is for one minute of digital audio with a clear recording of one or two voices.
Option 2 — $2.75 / Minute
*Digital recordings with three speakers
*Any recording where one or more of the voices is difficult to hear
*Any recording with significant noise or static
Option 3 — $3.75 / Minute
*Digital recordings with four or more speakers, i.e., panel discussions, focus groups, seminars, or conference calls
*Recordings with technical/scientific terminology
*Recordings with heavy accents

The quality of your audio does affect our rates. If, after listening to your audio, we encounter problems with the quality, we will contact you immediately to obtain permission to charge at a higher rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

In most cases, we offer a one-week turnaround of your material. Oftentimes, we are able to get a transcript back to the client sooner than requested.

Are you able to identify multiple speakers?

If there are three or more speakers having a conversation, we will need a digital video copy in order to accurately distinguish one voice from another.

In what format will I receive my transcript?

Our transcriptionists use Microsoft® Word. For a standard transcript, we use either Times New Roman or Courier 12-point font. If you prefer a different font, or have your own template, we will work to your specifications. Each speaker’s text is single-spaced. There is a double-space between speakers.

We will e-mail a copy of the completed transcription to any number of recipients. If you require a printout of your transcript, we can supply that at 25¢ a page plus the cost of shipping.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, money orders, and credit cards through PayPal.

How soon will I have to pay?

We require a down payment of 50 percent toward the estimated total cost. We request you pay your final bill when you receive your transcript.

The Crandall Typewriter, Chicago.

Vintage advertisement for a typewriter by The Crandall Machine Company, Chicago. It claimed to be the cheapest standard typewriter on the market at $50.00, which was still a hefty sum back in the day.

How do I get my material to you?

You may e-mail your digital files to us at or mail your DVD or CD to:

  • Compass Rose Horizons
  • c/o Joanne Asala, Editor
  • PO Box 409095
  • Chicago, IL 60640

At this time, we do not accept microcassettes or analogue audio. For large files, you might wish to use a service such as or to share the file.

For More Information

Please e-mail with any questions regarding the specifics of your project.

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